Cookin’ Dj’Setvinyles and tagliatelle handmade

DJ Daniele De Michele, aka Donpasta, Italian dj-cook, ecologist and gastro-philosopher.

On stage donpasta use vinyles and pots at the same time, he shakes music and potage with mixer and minipimer. On the mixing desk, they are cookers and vinyles, knifes and Technics 1200, headphones and fryers.

The food are flavoured with reggae, funk, afrobeat. The music is spicy with ginger and cinnamon.

Curtis Mayfield, Pete Rodriguez, Art Blakey, The Clash, become ingredients to add as needed. 
Donpasta’s marvellous, well-toured shows are multi-media, multi-sensory gastronomic experiences that do not fail to delight audiences, as well as get their gastric juice flowing!

Filming the process, screening the footage and the vinyl’s playing the music he selects for each recipe.

The gig is an ode to the ritual of cooking and eating, to music and travel.

Donpasta’s live shows introduce a whole new way of enjoying the pleasures and art of eating, listening to music and travelling. All senses are summoned, sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing. Every sound coming from the kitchen becomes music, which inspires the melodies.