Cities change their identity and the main source of this evolution is the migrants, bringing from afar their unique histories and the enticement of their cuisine.

Food is the essence of a culture and in every city “ethnic” restaurants are a live world map just off the road.

The “UNITED FOOD OF..” documentary is a real route around the world where the melting- pot-soul of every metropolis is unveiled in ten interviews with ten foreign chefs.

Djs and Vjs play a fundamental role in the performance. Images are mixed by a VJ and are beamed on surrounding walls/screens of large dimension by a number of connected projectors, all managed by a single director, so that the whole documentary is live mixed in its visual and sound effects.

The “UNITED FOOD OF..” project has already been realized and performed in Toulouse (2009), Paris (2011) and Rome (2010).

United Food of Ferme du Buisson

United Food of Toulouse

United Food of Rome


United Food Of Barbes

United Food of Metz